Thursday, May 14, 2009

my 15 minutes...

last night was the season finale of one of our favorite show's - america's next top model! we were sooo hoping for allison to win, but we'll have to settle for her coming in 2nd place.

speaking of the show, i don't think i've ever talked about it here, but i was actually featured in an episode two seasons ago!


here's the screenshot in case you don't believe me...

i'm the adorable bear that whitney is holding in her arms.

there i am!!! on television!!!

i know, you ask - how do i appear on a modeling show, and not as one of the model contestants?! it was a travesty. i think they discriminate against bears.

PS - i know some of you may be skeptical about how snowy white my fur looks there, but the camera crew had MUCH better lighting than my roommates do when they take pictures of me.

PPS - speaking of my lovely fur, do we like my new header?! i've been working on that for weeks!


  1. Your rise to fame and new header are stunning, Bear! Just don't forget where you came from when you make it big, OK?

  2. i promise i won't forget you all when i become a big star! i'm going to need an entourage anyways - a stylist, a camera crew, a biographer, a chef, someone to clean my paws, someone to carry me around - so i can hire you all to come work for me!