Monday, May 18, 2009

getting inked.

so i've been thinking about getting a tattoo (furtoo?), because my roommates both have them and frankly, i feel a little left out.

given that inking up my beautiful fur is a pretty big deal, i've been spending all my free time lately thinking up the perfect design. first i was considering a salmon, since it's one of my most favorite things! but then realized while wildly tasty, a fish definitely isn't a classy enough tattoo for me. even such a nice fish, like the salmon.

then i contemplated getting my favorite quote - "the bare necessities of life will come to you" - from The Jungle Book, but realized that may be a bit too
long for my little body.

finally, i decided on the letter B (for Bear!). B is my favorite letter, and minimal and classic enough to fit my lowkey *but fabulous* style. so i went to the craft store and bought a package of letter stickers, so i could try on some B's and figure out the best placement for it.

my roommates liked it here on my chest, so i could show it off like a little (B)adge...

but i prefer it back here, next to my adorable little tail. plus then the B will have a double meaning! teehee.

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